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New Favorite Site: Evernote

Once in a while, great things find you when you’re not looking for them.  Such was the case the other day when @NoMeatAthlete tweeted “Sounds like Evernote is the crowd favorite way of saving recipes. Thanks!”  Saving recipes?  Definitely of interest to me.  I checked it out immediately.

Evernote describes itself as a free way to “easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.” Sounds good, eh? You can add information–this includes text, images and sound– to your Evernote account in pretty much every way imaginable including sending an image from a camera or phone (apparently EN can even search text in images!),  emailing or tweeting.

The thing I like best about Evernote so far is that I can select just the part of a webpage or blog post that I want to save.  For example, I can just highlight the recipe I want to try some day, instead of the entire blog post.  Sure, I enjoy hearing about how the author’s boyfriend adored the dessert she made, but I only need to save the recipe itself.  EN lets me do that.

The other wonderful thing is tweeting to EN.  The details on how to do so can be found here, but it’s so great for saving tweets to follow up on!

Evernote is free (but there is a $5/month Premium option which allows unlimited uploads, among other things) and I find it incredibly useful.  The search feature works wonderfully, you can publicly share your notebooks and its so easy to use.  EN is making me much more organized (it’s not just for recipes!) and definitely worth checking out.

May 19, 2009 at 1:13 pm 2 comments

Oprah’s Factory Farm Faux Pas

Twitter is buzzing about Oprah at the moment, and not regards to the quanity of her followers.  Apparently she’s promoting KFC’s new grilled chicken giveaway. Though feeding people is a good thing, this promotion is a bad thing because Oprah has said she’s opposed to factory farming and KFC, obviously, gets their meat from factory farms, which are obviously not good. The saga is well summarized here.  At first I was really excited to retweet the protests (check the tag #oprahkfc if you’re interested) and get in on the action. I mean, really Oprah, what were you thinking?  Factory farms are terrible!

But then I got to thinking about it. How often do I promote something (businesses, restaurants, activities) that actually has underlying negative aspects? Nothing anymore is clear cut.  If I were Oprah (and its probably good I’m not) I probably wouldn’t have given the chickens’ origin a second thought. Same as I usually don’t think about the origin of the food at the restaurants I promote on this blog, or the conditions of the factories at the stores I buy my clothes from. Yes, ideally I would, but it just doesn’t seem practical to do so all the time.

I realize that Oprah is a very public figure and PETA’s 2008 person of the year. She shouldn’t be promoting companies that utilize factory farms. But I suspect she was more interested in helping people get a free meal than she was factory farms when she made the decision to support KFC. Hunger is an important issue, poverty is increasing in this economic downturn.  A free meal could make someone’s day.  I’m opposed to factory farming, but I’d rather people eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner than not have any food at all. I’m gonna cut Oprah a little slack on this one.

May 6, 2009 at 7:29 pm 3 comments

On Food, Fads, Teaching and Twitter

Food and Fads: When I started this blog, I just wanted to write and share with the world my thoughts on “stuff”.  A week later I got the inspiration to write about food, it made sense: I was watching ridiculous amounts of Food Network television, beginning to cook for myself and was reading lots of inspiring food blogs.  I like food.

It’s a bit surprising to find myself, three months later, a disciple of the current big “food fad.” (which is to say, “the thing everyone is talking about,” not “the thing that’s not going to last”)   It’s really strange, because I usually work hard to buck trends. I still haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings movies or read the Twilight books primarily because everyone else has.  I just like to be contrary.  But it suddenly seems like I’m running into vegetarians all over the place and everyone is talking about flexitarianism and here I am, ranting and raving about not eating meat (though I still do) and cooking food with barley and beans and wondering how on earth that happened.  It’s just so unlike me.  I used to eat so much junk and now I’ve changed my habits dramatically.  Its like I don’t recognize myself.  Part of me wonders if one day soon I’ll wake up and go back to eating roast beef sandwiches and candy bars for lunch.

:Teaching and Twitter…

March 12, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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