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Reminder…and Good News

First, a reminder.  The 6th season of Bravo’s Top Chef has begun! I realize I’m a little late in mentioning it, but I just got to watch the premiere today.  Las Vegas looks like it’s gonna be a good season.  I’m not going to do recaps or reviews this season, but I highly recommend these blogs if you want commentary:

Creative Loafing: “Hearts and Balls: ‘Top Chef’ Las Vegas Episode One”

Serious Eats: “‘Top Chef,’ Season 6: The Premiere

Endless Simmer: Top Chef Exit Interview: Episode 1

Secondly, good news and a promise.

I am painfully aware that this blog has been lately lacking the one thing it’s really supposed to be about.  Cooking.  I know I’ve had a million excuses (end of school, getting married, getting settled, moving…) for why that has been the case.  Lame.  This is supposed to be a blog primarily about my learning to cook healthy and meat free.

Starting this week (aka tomorrow) I am going to start trying out new recipes.  A lot of my cooking lately has been things I know are safe because I’ve already shared them on the blog.  This week’s menu includes several recipes I’ve never tried before.  I will share the results here.  Hopefully that’ll make both reading and writing more interesting.  Plus dinner around here’s getting dull.

My promise to you:

At least 2 new vegetarian recipes a week.  More if I can manage it.

You can hold me to that.


August 22, 2009 at 4:53 pm

More Positive Press

CBS Sunday Morning ran a segment about Engine Company 2 in Austin, Texas, a group of fire fighters who are vegan, and plenty healthy.  The story can be read here. It’s definitely interesting, and definitely more good press for those of us who choose to go without meat.

April 26, 2009 at 4:17 pm

Follow Up 1: Top Chef Finale

So, in a shocking (to me) season finale, Hosea won Top Chef: New York.

I don’t really think he deserved it, but I didn’t taste the food and I’m not a judge.  Goodness knows I’d be an awful judge, actually.

Anyway, I won’t duplicate everyone else’s blogs.  Instead I’ll demonstrate my inability to think for myself and share these much better written blogs:

Endless Simmer’s Top Chef exit interviews:

Amateur Gourmet’s take on Casey’s involvement in Carla’s losing.

And from Epicurious, “How to Improve Top Chef Next Season” (I hope the execs at Bravo read this!)

February 27, 2009 at 5:20 pm

Before the Finale: Top Chef Season 5

So, tonight’s the finale of Top Chef Season 5.  I stopped writing on it because I was enjoying live blogging with the folks over at Endless Simmer too much, but I thought sharing a few thoughts about the season would be appropriate before it ends tonight.

Favorite Episode:
Episode 6: Twelve Days of Christmas
Honestly, I just thought it was fun.  It was different, it was tricky, it required a lot of creativity.  Could you come up with a dish inspired by “nine ladies dancing”?
Episode 8: Down on the Farm
Yes, they shop at Whole Foods every week, but it was especially nice to see the contestants work it out on the farm, using only the meat and produce found there.

Least Favorite Challenge: Episode 11: Le Bernardin

No offense to Eric Ripert, of course, but I never did warm to this challenge.  Yes, it takes tremendous skill to cook Ripert’s food and it’s a huge honor to cook in the kitchen of Le Bernardin, but it still seems to me that the ability to recreate someone else’s food isn’t one of the most important marks of a good chef.  The contestants should be exhibiting their creativity, not Ripert’s.
Also, not a fan of the product placement quick fire challenges featuring Dr. Pepper and Quaker Oats.

Favorite Contestant:
Initially, I started out really liking Hosea, but the Hosea/Leah “relationship” put me off a bit (or a lot…) as did his attitude and food in general.  As the season progressed, I began rooting more and more for Carla.  “Hootie hoo!”

Least Favorite Contestant:
Leah, for her seeming lack of personality and motivation to stay on the show, plus the aforementioned Hosea thing.  Stefan annoyed the daylights out of me, but he proved he’s one of the best cooks of the bunch.

I would love to see Carla win.  But I’m suspecting it’s going to be Stefan.

Tune in to Bravo at 10 pm tonight to see who wins!

February 25, 2009 at 8:43 pm

Tom’s Coke Commercial

When I first saw this commercial air during the Oscars, I was shocked that Tom Colicchio–chef, Top Chef judge, restaurant owner–would feel the need to do a commercial.  In my mind, he’s well above commercials.  But then the commercial was for Diet Coke (not beer, as I initially assumed), and despite the fact that I drink much much less of it than I used to, Coke still remains close to my heart.  If Tom had to advertise something, I’m glad it was at least something good.

February 22, 2009 at 11:22 pm

Miracle Berry?!

Tonight’s episode of Food Detectives on the Food Network had a really interesting segment on the “miracle berry”.  Apparently it alters the taste buds on your tongue and causes foods, especially acidic ones, to taste sweet.  Since it doesn’t affect your brain, there’s no dangers associated with it (yet) and its pretty much just used for fun. Even at $2.50 for a single berry, I’d try it, mostly because it sounds really bizarre.

Some people are making money by holding “flavor tripping” parties and charging admission, but I’m pretty sure there’s got to be some bigger mass market ideas out there.

More from the NY Times.

Also, props to Food Detectives for doing something more interesting than its usual fare of brain freeze and the “five second rule”.

February 3, 2009 at 9:44 pm 2 comments

Lunchtime Revelation

Some days I feel better about my eating and cooking (and this blog) than others.  I’ve made some good meals over the past month with no real failures.  I’m much more comfortable in the kitchen and plan to continue improving my skills.

At the same time, I’m still torn about the purpose and function of this blog.  My most popular posts are ones discussing television shows, which puts me in an awkward place.  Do I just post about television, and “give an over generalized recount of events on a given television show,” as one commenter phrased it?  It’s clear  from my stat reports that is what gets my visitor count up.  Only one of my top 8 viewed posts isn’t connected to a show.  So, should I spend more time in the kitchen, creating and sharing the results, even though no one’s going to read it?  What’s the point of keeping a blog if no one’s going to read it?  It’s a difficult situation.

All that said, I’m obviously running out of steam in the kitchen.  This morning there was nothing of interest to bring for lunch, so I grabbed a frozen burrito on my way out the door.  Sitting down to lunch in the teacher’s room, another teacher commented, “Do you actually like those, or was there just nothing else in your house?”  And it made me think–I mean, they’re certainly edible but they’re definitely not good for you and obviously not vegetarian.  I can eat better than this and I should be eating better than this.  It isn’t that hard to make something decent to bring to school; I just have to be intentional about it.

I’ll be stopping at the supermarket on the way home to remedy this travesty.  No more frozen burritos.

January 26, 2009 at 1:42 pm 1 comment

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