Cutting Boards, Compost, and Saving Money: Highlights from My Reader

September 4, 2009 at 8:26 am

Highlights for August 29-September 4

The Daily Beast has an excellent piece on The Dirty Truth about Cutting Boards.  Read it, because who wants to get sick from a dirty cutting board?

From Planet Green, 75 Things You Can Compost, but Thought You Couldn’t …pizza boxes, hair, potpourri, feathers…wow, who knew? (via Serious Eats)

The Nation‘s September 21st issue is all about food!  It’s already online. I haven’t looked at it yet, but I’m sure there’s some good stuff.  I love major news outlets covering food issues.

Here’s 21 Ways to Reduce Your Spending Without Making Your Life Miserable from The Simple Dollar, including Buy in bulk the staples you use all the time, Figure out your most cost-effective grocery store and shop there, Whenever you make supper, if it’s reasonable, make twice as much and freeze the extras, and more.

The BBC has an interesting article that Scottish households throw away a billion pounds worth of food a year. That’s a lot of waste, most of which could be avoided by better planning, storage and preparation.  I’m sure we’re not any better in the United States.  I need to work harder on being aware of what we already have to eat and consuming that, instead of buying new stuff and letting the old food go to waste.


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