‘Food Snob’ Quiz and Other Good News

April 7, 2009 at 7:45 pm

I very much enjoyed taking the “Holier than Chow” quiz from Time Out New York.

Your Score: 55
You’re a Discerning Diner. You know what you like and it often includes gussied-up grub. But you’re just as happy scarfing a Papaya Dog any day of the week.

Really? I think I may be a bit more of a snob than that, but…quizzes are quizzes (therefore I must take them!)

In other news, the highlight of my day (week, month, year?) was that Mark Bittman (@bittman) retweeted my “Vegetarianism: an Eating Disorder” blog post, and its up to 243 views! Thanks to all those who are reading!  I realize this blog has been evolving, and I appreciate your readership.  And some day, I may stop talking about Mark Bittman so much.  Maybe.

Also exciting: the fact that I’ll be sharing my vegetarian lunch of the week, Sage-Mushroom Barley modified from The Flexitarian Diet, with one of the teachers at school tomorrow, since she’s vegetarian and I made way too much (what else is new?).  It’ll be nice to share with a vegetarian, instead of my parents who are still perplexed by this change in my eating habits.

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Vegetarianism: An Eating Disorder? Sunday Morning Humor

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