Live Blog II: Fried Rice

March 29, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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11:43: All I’ve eaten this morning was half a granola bar (still too sweet, I haven’t changed my mind) and a hand full of walnuts.  I want real lunch.  Time to finish the fried rice started this morning.

11:44: Gather ingredients: oil, bell pepper (green; you should’ve seen the produce selection at the supermarket last night!), onion, the rice I cooked this morning (now plenty cooled) soy sauce.

11:47: Prep veggies.  This always takes longer than I expect it to.  I’m a slow dicer.

12:00 Holy crap, this onion is strong.  Eyes are crazy watering.  I usually don’t react to onions.

12:03: My nose starts running.  Wow.

12:07: Done cutting that dumb onion, start cooking it in hot oil.  Add the peppers after a couple minutes.

12:12: My Man calls; we discuss rice while I stir the vegetables.

12:22: Add the rice to the pan.  Mark Bittman says (in the cookbook) to break up the rice chunks with one’s fingers.  I burn myself doing so and switch to using a spatula.

12:30: It’s not very brown…let it sit for a few minutes.

12:34: Add the soy sauce–now it’s brown!

12:38: Finally sit down to lunch!  It’s pretty good…I think the rice is cooked a little unevenly, but certainly edible.  Definitely perfect for school lunch this week.  Both parents try it and think it’s decent.  Success!

This concludes the cooking portion of my weekend.  Just kidding, I still have to make brownies or something for debate.  *sigh*


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Sunday “Live Blogging”: Making Rice April Food Day

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