Weekend Summary

March 15, 2009 at 10:21 am

So far so good, as the weekend goes.  On Friday, the family and I went to see celtic rock fusion band Enter the Haggis.   An excellent show as always (In my family, I’m the slacker with only 5 ETH concerts under my belt.  Check them out, they’re great.)  On the way to the show we stopped at Big G’s Deli in Winslow for dinner.  I have never seen more sandwich choices or bigger sandwiches in my life.  Not gourmet, but quality.

Yesterday I finally got my parents to Whole Foods (it’s over an hour away from home, so it is a bit of a feat).  Mom, once again, surprised me by being way more interested in all the store’s inventory.  Dad was surprisingly patient and may have even enjoyed the experience too.  Maybe its because our local supermarket is so…what’s the word? Limited… but Whole Foods really is an experience.  I purchased 2 tubs of Israeli (aka Middle Eastern) cous cous, which I love but have a hard time finding anywhere else.  Still trying to decide exactly what I’m going to do with it.  If I can get my act together in the future I may do more real shopping there.

This morning’s been starting out slowly, which is the way I like Sunday mornings.  Tea, hard boiled egg, toast.  I can’t remember the last time I had hard boiled egg, but I felt like making some.  Craving resolved.  Normally I’m an overachieving morning person, but sometimes its nice to just sit around and enjoy the day.  Church supper and service beginning at 4:45.  The only thing I have to accomplish between now and then is making cupcakes (possibly dyed green?) for debate club.

Finally, I loved this news story about reusable shopping bags which was on NECN this morning.  It’s wonderful to see that this is really catching on.  I’m so sick of the piles of plastic bags accumulating in my house.  Now, if only I could get in the habit of bringing my reusable bags into the store!


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