Top 5 Food Experiences, thus far

December 31, 2008 at 12:43 pm 1 comment

  1. Mesa Grille, NYC, February 2008
  2. Bricco, Boston’s North End, April 2007
  3. Whites Tavern’s Guinness Pie, Belfast, Northern Ireland, April 2008
  4. Homemade Indian food in Wales, March 2006
  5. Chocolate covered shortbread, Stonehenge Vistors Center, England, April 2003

What are yours?

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Where I Come From A Vacation in Food

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  • 1. Brian Pious  |  December 31, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    1. Eating at a Brazilian style restaurant in NYC with the family, not sure of the name.
    2. Going to Big Y when in high school and picking up sushi with the mother from the deli because she had a coupon and loving it so much I began to spread the joy of sushi to friends when in college
    3. Thanksgiving in NJ: Home made chicken soup (homemade chicken stock with little bow-tie pasta from a box, or 2)
    4. Going to Mesa Grill in NYC with the family and sitting on the balcony enjoying our blue-corn muffins with another family next to us complaining about the food in every little way. (Don’t know what their problem was, ours was perfect)
    5. Grandpa Walter would come stay at our house and make pasta and fresh bread from scratch. He was in a wheelchair and legally blind, yet still could cook amazing food by touch, smell, a little sight, and telling my mom and I what needed to happen next. There was flower all over the floor.

    I have many more, but thought 5 would be enough to get things started.

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