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December 29, 2008 at 6:30 pm 1 comment

I’ve been ranting about food, mostly to my Man, quite frequently during the past few months.  First, I decided to eat less meat and become “flexitarian” (that is,  a semi-vegetarian diet involving the practice of eating mainly vegetarian food, but making occasional exceptions for social, pragmatic, cultural, or nutritional reasons–thanks Wikipedia!)  Some of my  (vegan/vegetarian) students pointed out that the way in which meat is derived for consumption in the US is really bad for the environment and contributes to global warming, nevermind the fact that daily consumption of meat isn’t necessary for a healthy diet.  More on that at GoVeg and ABC News.  There’s plenty of really great non-meat food out there, so I figured it was worth a try.

Meanwhile, not much has changed except that I frequently feel guilty that I haven’t changed any of my habits.  But I live with my parents and my motivation to actually cook has been minimal  until very recently.  My Man and I made a very tasty soup today with chicken stock (like I said…flexitarian…), fresh and frozen vegetables, egg noodles and two kinds of beans.  It was quite tasty, although I’d still like to add one more ingredient with some punch.  Sucessfully cooking something leaves me feeling so accomplished.   It’s also the perfect opportunity to shed some light on “where I’m coming from”.  My family is very ‘meat and potatoes’ oriented, which is fine I guess.  Often we have meals that don’t even have a vegetable.  We don’t eat beans.  Period.  Dad thinks we’re nuts for including cannoli and garbanzo beans.  Maybe we are :)  But its a frustrating conversation anyway.

So was the one about what kind of pizza to get.  I like pepperoni and sausage and the like.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like meat.  I just like to eat other things sometimes, I especially like vegetable pizza.  Again, I am clearly crazy.

My Man promises when we get married in June he will join me in my cooking ventures and I think we’re both very much looking forward to it (and being married in general).  Tonight’s contribution to the pizza discussion: “I want something meaty”.

Thanks, dear.

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